At RealClean our Professional Aircraft Detailing Courses are designed for individuals and aviation companies alike, who are interested in creating a new business or adding new profit center to their existing aviation services.

Our 3 and 4 day courses are designed to train our students on the principals and methods that we use everyday in our own detailing business. RealClean is one of the most successful aircraft detailing businesses in the Nation. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and training to help ensure the success of your new business.

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At RealClean Aircraft Detailing School all of our training is accomplished at our state of the art 150,000 square foot facility, located at Chicago-land's Aurora Municipal Airport.

Our courses are taught by certified and highly experienced professional aircraft detailers to ensure a quality education to our students. All training is completed on our fleet of corporate aircraft for hands-on training. Our students gain experience on multiple aircraft makes and models during training.

We operate one of the most successful professional aircraft detailing businesses in the nation and teach our students the system that we use everyday in our own detailing business. Our training will guide you through the start-up process before purchasing ANY equipment. We can help you save over $10,000 in direct initial start-up cash.

All of our courses are private. Your course is specifically for your business and the training is reserved for only the individuals who accompany you.


We have arranged corporate discounts with local hotels for our students. Special rates have been made with the following hotels:


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"If you are even considering getting into the aircraft detailing business, going out to visit Dustin and Eric MUST BE YOUR FIRST STEP! Don't even think about trying to figure this out on your own. These guys are the definition of Professional Aircraft Detailers, and they are willing to share their years of experience while teaching you how to do things the right way.

From the moment you arrive, they make you feel welcome and truly show you how excited they are about you being there and what they are about to show you. Very little time is wasted on theory.

Within minutes of my arrival, I found myself cleaning a C90 King Air, and moving on to a Falcon 50 later in the day. They want to show you as much as they can over the course of the three days, and they make sure that each day is filled. Do yourself a favor and take them up on their offer to share their experience and knowledge with you!" Brian Vincinti
Waterford, CT.

"My experience at J.A Air Center and Real Clean Aircraft Detailing School proved to be both educational and beneficial. By the end of my 4 day course I felt very confident that I had acquired measurable equity for my future endeavors in aircraft detailing. I don't have to waste any time researching different aircraft detailing schools to know that Real Clean is the best out there. The course was very extensive and covered everything I needed to know to get started in aircraft revitalization."

I was very impressed by the level of professionalism I saw in not only the trainers and structure of Real Clean but also J.A. Air Center as a whole. The facilities were very clean and orderly and everyone there was extremely friendly, welcoming and operated with a sense of purpose and value.

Make Real Clean Detailing School your choice for all your detail training and cleaning product needs and I promise you will not be disappointed!" Jonathan Rose
Rose Aircraft Services Inc.

"Es para mi un placer haber tomado el curso de detailing de aviones en Real Clean Aircraft Detailing School. En un principio pense que era lo mismo que el detailing de un auto, pero estaba completamente equivocado. El conocimiento que adquiri en esos 4 dias de training jamas lo hubiera adquirido haciendolo por mi mismo.

Estoy completamente satisfecho y gracias a todo lo que aprendi y consejos que me brindaste estoy seguro que podre ser exitoso en mi negocio. Tienes tremendo equipo de trabajo y una persona con unos conocimientos increibles."

"A el, Eric Stevenson, tambien le quiero dar las gracias por su tiempo y paciencia que tuvo al explicarme como hacer las cosas correctamente. Espero muy pronto visitar sus facilidades nuevamente para seguir adquiriendo experiencia. Con esto me despido sin antes decirles gracias por todo y que sigan trabajando con el profesionalismo como hacen las cosas. Definitivamente vale la pena pagar por todo ese conocimiento." Atentamente, Javier Diaz
San Juan, Puerto Rico